Lakshmi Prayers

Lakshmi Prayers is going to bring showers of blessings for all of us from now onwards. Forward this blog post to all your friends and relatives and let all of us get blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. Chanting Lakshmi prayers daily in the morning brings us blessings from Lakshmi and we will get awesome wealth and prosperous in our life.

Goddess Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The one who gets blessed by the showers of blessings from Goddess Lakshmi will be a rich and wealthy person in his life. Money comes in a place where it is invited. It means that money enters into a place where Goddess Lakshmi enters. When Goddess Lakshmi is invited to our house with prayers and love, then Goddess Lakshmi will bless us with lots of prosperity and remains with us. The thing is money comes and stays into a place where it is respected as a God. The person who respects the money and who spends it in the right pure means will get showers of blessings from the Goddess Lakshmi. Money spend in bad means will spoil our life and happiness and all the money will go out of us without staying in our hands or it will be spend through unwanted ways. 

Money is Goddess Lakshmi. If we respect it then Lakshmi blesses us and remains with us for life long. If we don’t respect or if we spend money in wrong means then we will suffer in future. Respect Goddess Lakshmi and make prayers daily and stay blessed. Please chant the below Lakshmi Prayers daily in the morning after taking bath and light lamps to Lakshmi and get awesome showers of blessings and stay happy always. Inform your friends and relatives regarding this Lakshmi prayer and how to spend money in good ways and how to be blessed and to become rich and wealthy and to lead a prosperous life. Also if Bachelors who are looking for a girl to marry can pray Goddess Mahalakshmi daily and light lamps and can get blessed by God Lakshmi with a Good girl to marry. Good wife and wealth alone makes a person happy. After that you can make all your family members happy. If you are happy your parents will be too happy. Actually we are all blessed with good parents. That’s the first blessings of our life. Parents first and even prayers next. If we care our parents and listen to their words and get blessings from our parents then our life will be awesome.

God Lakshmi Prayers

First pray Lord Ganesha and remove all the obstacles in your life and get blessed. Lord Ganesha is the first God whom we should pray before starting any good work.

For more details about Lord Ganesha Prayers please visit,

Perform this Mahalakshmi pooja daily and get awesome showers and showers of blessings and be happy. If possible chant these prayer Lakshmi mantras and offer flowers and light lamps to Mahalakshmi statue daily and stay tuned happy always.


Namaste sthu mahaamaaye shree peetae sura poojithe

Chankhu Chakra Gadha hasthe Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !
Namaste garudaroode kolaasura bayankari

Sarva paa phahare devi Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !

Sarvagnye sarva vardhe sarvadhushta bayankariSarva dhukhra hare devi Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !
Siddhi buddhi pradhe devi bhukthi mukthi pradhaayini

Manthra moorthe sada devi Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !Adhantha rahithe devi aadhi shakthi maheshwari
Yogaje yoga sambhuthe Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !Sthula sookshma maha raudre maha shakthi mahowdhare
Maha paa phahare devi Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !Padma sanasthithe devi para bhramaswaroopini
Parameshi jaganmaatha Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !Shwetham baradhare devi naanaalankaara bhooshithe
Jagathsthithe jaganmaathar Mahalakshmi namosthudhe !

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